This advanced device combines cutting-edge technology with an array of
features to meet various applications’ diverse temperature monitoring needs.
Whether you’re in an IVF Clinic, laboratory, medical facility, research
environment, manufacturing, or process control the Metrum 2 Thermometer
is the ultimate solution for accurate and efficient temperature analysis.
The thermometer has a dedicated sensing channel for T-Type Thermocouple
sensors and another for RTD/PT100 sensors. Each channel can hold up to 10
calibration configurations. This feature enables the use of 20 distinct
temperature sensors with the thermometer.
This extensive range of choices ensures that you can easily find the optimal
solution to meet your precise requirements.

Accurate temperature measurements and precise temperature control in the IVF lab are essential for achieving optimal results

METRUM 2 Dual Channel Digital Thermometer has been designed to meet the demands of fertility clinics and research laboratories.
Temperature accuracy and consistency in probe placement are crucial factors that affect success rates in IVF.
● Ultra-thin Ø0.34mm needle probe with probe stand for media temperature measurements.
Facilitates consistent probe placement which has an impact on success rates.
● Ultra-thin Ø0.23mm flexible probes for Incubator/Embryoscope temperature measurements (alternative to the liquid temperature measurement probe).
● Ø35mm copper flat disk temperature probe for surface temperature measurements.
It is small in size and extremely easy to use. It delivers accurate and repeatable temperature measurements saving precious time on QC operations.





Metrum 2 Brochure SV R1_Web

The User Manual and additional information will be available for Download upon request.

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