BW-3000 & BW-901 Full Automatic

BW-3000 & BW-901 Full Automatic


2 Years Warranty!



Full automatic urine chemistry analyzer + Full automatic urine sediment analyzer

Features: 1.     Automatic urine dry chemical detection and microscopic

2.     examination will be finished In one time, which is efficient, fast and pollution-free.

3.     The design of four channel counting pool features constant speed 120 samples/hour, positive specimens will not reduce speed.

4.     The results of urine dry chemical analysis, urine sediment test, physical and chemical Indexes, and pictures and texts will be reported comprehensively.

5.     Automatic focus calibration without focus fluid, which reduces maintenance costs.

Measurement Principle: Urine sediment analysis:Using machine vision technology to automatically identify and classify the urine formed elements with automatic  morphological method. Urine dry chemistry analysis:Reflected photoelectric colorimetric analysis.
Scope Of Application: 17 simultaneously samples
Test Analytics: Normal RBC,Standing RBC, Dysmorphic RBC,Normal WBC ,WBCC,Pus Cell ,Hyaline Cast ,Granular Cast,WBC Cast ,Squamous  Epithelial Cell ,Normal Epithelial Cell ,Sperm ,Calcium Crystal ,Oxalate Crystal Bacteria ,Yeast ,Amorphous Urates ,Mucus.

Chemical indicators in urine can be automatically analyzed according to the applicable strips.

Strip Parameters: Urobilinogen (URO),Bilirubin(BIL), Ketone(KET), Blood(BLD),Protein(PRO), Nitrite(NIT), Leukocytes(LEU), Glucose(GLU),  Specific Gravity(SG), PH(pH),Ascorbic Acid(VC), Microalbumin(MAL), Creatinine(CRE), Calcium(CAL).



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1 in stock (can be backordered)

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Full automatic urine chemistry analyzer + Full automatic urine sediment analyzer.



Channel: Four channels fixed flow counting cell
Detection speed: 120~160 samples/h
Sample volume: Minimum volume: 3 ml
Aspirating volume: 1 ml
Test sensitivity: 5 objectives/ul
Accuracy: >95%
Repeatability: CV <10%
Cross contamination rate: <0.05%
Data storage: 200000
Report model: International general quantitative unit: unit /ul & HPF, complete and illustrated report, with urine
chemistry test results and urine formed elements test results
Environment: Temperature 15°C~35°C, Optimum temperature 20°C~25°C, Relative humidity≤75%
Power supply: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Dimensions(main unit): 660mm*440mm*570mm(L*W*H)
Weight: 33KG


* Device specification may change in accordance with the regional requirements


BW-3000 & BW-901 Full Automatic urine Analayzer Workstation

The User Manual will be available for Download upon request.

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