incuART™ S

incuART™ S

Giving the best results for your cell culture, the incuART™ family has been designed to deliver superior quality using advanced sensor technology that constantly surveys and adjust the environment for your cell cultures. The superior design is based on many years experience with cell culture and IVF. One of the key parameters such as the temperature can be adjusted individually for each chamber, as one of the examples of a superior feature. The incuART™ platform offers optimal conditions for your cell culture  via closely monitored key environment parameters that gives a high quality and consistent environment.


incuART S – 6 chamber model

 Temperature  Features 
 Temperature Control Range

ambient to 40°C

 Individual Temperature Control

0.1°C steps

 Temperature Uniformity

±0.1°C @ 37°C  and @ 25°C ambient temperature

 Temperature Sensors

10 x PT1000

 pH features 
 pH  Range


 pH Availability


 pH measurement  accuracy


 pH resolution


 Gas mixing features 
 CO2 range

0-20% CO2

 CO2 control resolution

±0.1% CO2

 CO2 sensor type

Dual channel Infrared CO2 Sensor

 CO2 consumption

< 3 l /hour

 O2 range

1-21% O2

 O2 control resolution

±0.1% O2

 O2 sensor type

Fuel Cell – Medical Certified

 N2 consumption

< 15 l/hour

 # of gas Inputs

 Gas inputs –  100 % CO2, 100 % N2,  premixed

 External logging & alarms 
 Web Interface

requires static IP address only & VPN access  – Android App available

 SMS Alarm


 E-mail alarm


 Automatic relay alarm


 Touch Screen Display


 Bar-code scanner ID

2D patient ID bar-code (optional)

 Exterior Dimensions

22.8″ W x 22.8″ D x 9.4″ H (580 mm x 580 mm x 240 mm)

 Exterior Cabinet Construction

Powder Coated Aluminum

 # of Chambers

6 standard

 External PT1000 sensors

6 ports available for external monitoring (on request)

 External gas monitoring system

1 valve controlled port available

 Chamber Dimensions

6.2″ x 3.9″ (16 cm x 10 cm) – Falcon & Nunc compatible


110 – 230 VAC 50/60 Hz 3.5A

 Shipping Weight

77 lbs. (35 kg.)

Note!Specifications are subject to change without notice!All sensor data are measured @ sea level and normal average atmospheric pressure.

1. incuART S – Our Standard model

incuART Brochure _ver 2.0

2. Some of incuARTs Unique Advantages

Ask us or your local distributor for more information.


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